Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Madness- I Can't Believe She FORGOT!

When Karen and I started our business, The Caregiver Organizer, we agreed that each of us would have certain responsibilities. In the beginning it was very different because I was working from the home part-time and she was in full time sales. Eventually, we made a complete switch. Who knew? I'm now working full time (2 part time jobs equal a full time job, don't you agree?) and she is at home, manning the fort and -ahem- working on The Caregiver Organizer.

When the switch came, things that were my responsibility slowly became hers. One of those things was doing the books. Now, to begin with, it's funny that I would even do the books because, if you know me, you know that math and excel spreadsheets are FAR from my strengths. FAR. Miles. LIGHT YEARS. I was more than relieved when she took over the books.

Karen has strengths and weaknesses as well. She's an amazing editor- one that can see an error before it hits the page. She's a polished businesswoman. She does, however, have lousy short term memory. I can only say this because she will openly admit it to you.

So the other day I get a text asking for our accountant's number. I asked what was wrong. She kindly evades me. I ask again. She dodges the request. Finally I tell her to JUST.TELL.ME.

Karen was fabulous at getting our taxes done early this year In fact, I believe she had everything done by the end of January. Wonderful!


She was cleaning up her office and just HAPPENED to find the envelope.

Our next posts may come to you from jail. If they do, we'll let you know how much the bail is and where to send money to get us out.

Yours, thinking I should get used to wearing stripes,


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