Friday, June 17, 2011


Here at the B house, we are having a celebration today. HUGE celebration. I mean, break out the streamers and confetti. Turn up the music and shake your groove thing. Light up cigars and pour the champagne!

We've been waiting for this for FIVE years now. Many meetings in the village. Grown men plotting mayhem in my front yard. Getting up at the crack of dawn to scope out the scene. Lying in wait for movement in the dark. Countless phone calls to various strategic planners. Money invested in countless ideas and methods. And today, dear readers, our goal has been met and we are celebrating hard core. All because...

We. got. the. MOLE!!!!!!


Yes, it's the little things. That turn into big things. And they're all worthy of celebration!

Yours, thinking I need to bake JD the Mole-inator a cake or something,


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