Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It’s time. We knew this day would come. We naively thought it would be later. But it’s here. At the age of 10. The twins have decided they want separate rooms. **Sigh** We have a four bedroom home and have really enjoyed spreading ourselves out! We have the master bedroom, the twins’ room, the office, and the sewing (HE sews, not me)/eBay/junk room. last day of school 4th grade

Now what?

I’ll tell you what. Now we have to clean up the junk and sell all the eBay crap that I’ve been putting off selling for years so we can consolidate two rooms into one. Ugh!

Oh yeah, wait, this is about them, not me. Okay, refocus here. So the boys are 10 years old and have decided they need their own space. Why do boys need their own space? I mean, if they were girls I would understand. Or if they were boys hitting puberty, I would get it (yuk!). But 10 year old boys? I guess they just need time apart. Separating everything is going to be tough, though. They share everything: clothes, books, toys, you-name-it. (Even down to their undies!) But this is important to them, so we’ll figure it all out.

This is one of those “growing up” events, isn’t it? Damn, I hate those!


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