Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Lately I have seen shining examples of very honest and very dishonest people, and I am proud to say that the honest ones have won out over the scumbags! Let’s start with the sad, sad story so I can end on a high note:

Our family went to see a movie a few weeks ago. Since we got there early, anticipating a large crowd, we let the boys bring theirrobber iPod Touches. Eric gave me his when the movie started, but Adam put his in his pocket. Too bad, because it slipped out during the movie, never to be seen again. AND, while I was rooting around in my purse for my low calorie snack, my Ray Ban sunglasses fell out, unnoticed by anyone except the person who picked them up after the movie ended. Neither of these items was turned in, of course. Even though the iPod had a decal of Bart Simpson on it, which would have told ANYONE that it belonged to a kid. Yes, it was a very expensive movie for my family!

On to the good. On my way to Cancun for the Sister’s Trip 2011, we stopped in Dallas to pick up Sister #1. I went to the bathroom in the airport and accidently left my purse in the stall. Just as I was screaming to Sister #2, “Oh S#&%, I LEFT MY PURSE IN THE BATHROOM!!!!!!,” a woman was walking by and grabbed my arm and said, “Wait, is this it?” There she was, holding my purse, about to bring it up to the desk. My heart started beating again at that point!

Next example was also in the airport. In fact, they all are! Last weekend, on my way to Dallas for a short Sister’s weekend (Hmmm, is there a trend here?), I’m in line to check my baggage when an employee yells out a woman’s name. The woman next to me waves her arm and the employee hands the woman her wallet. This woman just had the look of total shock on her face. honesty-175She had no idea she even lost her wallet, and some honest stranger turned it in. Can you imagine how she felt? She was horrified, relieved, you name it!

An hour later, I’m sitting on the plane and reach down to turn off my phone, when I realize my phone isn’t in my purse. CRAP! I had set it down next to me on my chair in the terminal. I jump up and run off the plane (others were still boarding), yelling to the flight attendant, “I LOST MY PHONE!” Then I get to the terminal and yell to the guy taking tickets as I’m running past him, “I LOST MY PHONE!” He yells back “What’s it look like?” I say, “I don’t know, a phone,” thinking, what’s he asking me a stupid question like that for? Then it dawns on me that perhaps he actually has my phone, so I slow down, tell him what kind of phone I have, and sure enough, somebody had turned it in to him.

So the moral of these stories is this: there are still a BUNCH of honest people in the world. At least in airports!



  1. I think the second moral to the story gotta start keeping better track of your stuff!!!!

  2. Well yeah, that too!

  3. Uhm, yeah, I agree with Laurie! ;)