Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Mania

The Hub, feeling my pain over my Swiffer Wet Jet (see previous Saturday Sassafrass), decided that apparently he would attempt to have better results. Like those pictures, right? (It took everything I had not to say "I told you so".) Guess what... now I can do it double fasted. Heck, with a coupon for a free Swiffer, who wouldn't want to redeem it, even though it doesn't work? And of course, that WILL build brand loyalty, won't it? Sense the sarcasm there? Because that's definitely the sarcasm font I'm using. ;)

And in other news, it's Week #2 at Camp Bishop. Yee-ha! Thankfully there is always an end in sight. Don't get me wrong, I'm not wishing summer away by any stretch of the imagination. I LOVE summer. LOVE IT. Fresh fruit (yay for watermelon and pineapple!), the pool, vacation, popsicles, swinging in the hammock, those are all high on my list. I even enjoy summer baseball. And road trips. Love those road trips.

The end of which I speak, however, is summer camp. THANK GOODNESS FOR SUMMER CAMP. While I love my children fiercely, having two rambunxious (sp?) kids and trying to get anything accomplished seldom goes hand in hand. Next week, Z1 starts day camp for three weeks. Those will probably be the easiest three weeks of my summer. I'm looking forward to him being tired at the end of the day. :)

Okay, time for another cup of coffee. Yes, I realize it's 1:24 in the afternoon, but I still have hours of Camp Bishop to go. :)

AND! It's my wedding anniversary today. Happy 13th Anniversary to The Hub and I.

Yours, going to brew some French Press,


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