Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Madness- Uhm, Summer Break? Are You Sure?

5:45 AM- Hush up Lola before she wakes the entire house
5:50- Try to go back to sleep
6:35- Finally give up and brew coffee
7:00- Wake the kids and start a load of laundry
7:10 Wake the kids- try to eat breakfast and tidy up the kitchen
7:30- remind them we are leaving in 15 minutes
7:31- Pack all the necessary bags for the day
7:45- Yell for the kids and try to finish getting ready myself
7:50- Start getting them out the door
7:55 Pull out of the driveway
8:00 Turn around because Z1 forgot something
8:10 Swim Practice for Z2
8:15 Return home for the second forgotten item
8:30 Get back to swim practice
8:45 Pull Z2 from swim practice
9:00 Drop Z1 off at summer camp while Z2 changes in the car
9:10 Arrive at St. John's Vacation Bible School. Drop off my child and begin helping herd the other children who are lost or need instruction (With 1,000 kids attending- no joke- there's a LOT of herding going on).
9:30 Finally get to my desk to start returning phone calls and cancel a musical theater program.
11:00 Meeting
12:00 Pick up Z2
12:30 Finish work and clock out
1:00 Make it home finally (the parking lot at VBS is a zoo!) and have lunch
1:15 Another load of laundry, pick up the house, begin folding dry laundry
2:00 Put a meal together for a friend while talking with another friend on the phone
2:15 Get a script refilled
2:30 Facebook break (yay!)
2:45 Pack up the car, leave the house to pick up Z1 and two other friends from camp
3:15 Get everyone placed in the car, begin driving down Manchester
3:25- Hey! McDonald's! Who wants an ice cream cone?
3:45- Meet my friend's spouse at the gas station to hand off the meal (she's recouping)
4:05 Drop off the other campers
4:10- get home- get my athlete prepped, and make sure Lola eats before we leave
4:45- Early dinner because we have a game
5:15- leave for the game
8:25- home after a great game but disappointing loss
8:30-pull a few weeds in the garden and stake up my snap peas
8:45- Grab my computer and blog
9:00 watch my new favorite show: Platinum Hit

My question: WHEN does Summer BREAK begin?

Yours, feeling like I have kids in half day preschool again,


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