Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It 's a Whole, New, Simplifying Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! Time to pony up those New Year Resolutions. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I dread it. This year, I am taking it all in stride. I always feel the urge "to get it together" at the beginning of the year. This can be good, and incredibly overwhelming. To combat this, I offer you my first New Year's Resolution:

1.) I will hereby set reasonable expectations for myself.

I don't know about you, but I tend to be harder on myself that anyone else. I always set the bar way, way, way high. Now there is nothing wrong with dreaming dreams and setting goals and expectations for myself. But let's face it- no matter how much weight I lose (BTW- WAY TO GO KAREN!!!!), how much I work out or what kind of clothes I buy, I am not going to look like Demi Moore. That, my dear readers, would be a very unreasonable expectation for myself. So maybe I will set an expectation of losing that ten pounds the doctor is on me to lose. Or conquering my fear of any body of water over four feet deep. Or getting my pictures from 2006-2009 printed. (I did, last week, print 2005. Yay for me! One resolution down!) But in trying to make things simpler, I'm going to have to let go of my unachievable standards and be okay with the fact that I will never look like Demi Moore. I will never be Martha Stewart (which I think I'm okay with) or probably have a closet like Hedi Klum (after all, who can afford all of those expensive clothes?) But I can lose the last ten pounds, I can organize a little at the time, and I can shop with fashionable ideas in mind. THOSE are reasonable expectations.

Yours, wondering what YOUR reasonable expectations are (feel free to post them!),


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