Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Fun! Snow Day #2!

I can't believe we had another snow day today. No school for the kids. I'm thinking they just didn't want the expense of heating up the schools for one day in subzero weather. They may want to just keep us off the roads and keep the kids out of the cold. Well, my kids can hardly get enough of the sledding and snowball fights. They have, however taken sledding to an entirely new level at the B house. You see, if you are standing at the back windows of the house, you can look out over the back yard. Our house sits at the top of a hill. The yard has a flat place up top where the playset is, and then begins sloping downward. So I was looking out the window and this is what I saw:

Z1 was carrying his red toboggan sled up to the playset. He climbed into the fort with it and placed it at the top of the slide. Before I could even think about getting outside to him, he grabs the top bar that sits across the slide opening, flings all of his nearly sixty pounds into the sled and goes SAILING down the slide, catches about 2 seconds of air and sleds right down to the bottom of the hill.

Ingenious. This is one way to catch some serious speed to make it all the way down the hill! And it's one of those moments where I say,"Go ahead son. Mommy loves it." I spend so much time saying "No" and doing what is "good for them" that I couldn't bring myself to take this away. Let's just hope it does not result in a trip to the Urgent Care. Especially now that Z2 is following right behind.

Yours, watching in wonderment,


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