Monday, January 11, 2010


During the holidays, my mother and my sister both came into town at the same time, as I mentioned in a previous post. One of the things we PICT0109did during their visit, was to go over a bunch of slides from our childhood that we recently obtained. These were, among various outings, family parties, graduations, confirmations and a family vacation with our grandparents to Israel.

We thought this would be a pretty boring exercise, looking through hundreds of slides, just to pick out the few we wanted to save and turn into pictures, but let me tell you…


Seeing family members who were not with PICT0067us anymore, especially my dad, was really great. But the most fun was looking at what we were wearing! (I know, such a “girl” thing to say, but so true!) We’d click on a new slide, and all four of us at the same time would yell, “I REMEMBER THAT OUTFIT!” The funny thing was, sometimes we’d all be yelling about the same outfit, and sometimes we’d all be yelling about the outfit each one of us was wearing!

Now, because were were all women, we would also yell together when a distant cousin would come up on the screen, wearing something hideous. “EWWWWWWWW!!!!!!”

PICT0080Then there was the confirmation where there were no pictures of me or my friend, Brenda. Why? Because we were bored, so we went upstairs in this house/banquet hall that my parents rented for the party, and played pool. But when we came down, it turned out everyone was already gone! Apparently, my mom thought my dad’s girlfriend (yes, they were already divorced!) was taking us home, and vice versa. This was years before cell phones were invented, and there was even a lock on the rotary (yes, rotary) phone, so we were really stranded! Finally, some guy in the kitchen took pity on us and found a phone for us to use so we could call home. Just one of the many stories that came up while we were perusing our childhoods!

So if you get the chance to clean out some old photos or slides or movies, grab your sisters or brothers or anyone who will make fun of each other with you, and have a great time!


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