Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Funny- So THAT's What It's Called.

Anyone remember the old Art Linkletter Show, "Kids Say the Darndest Things?" No, I'm not old enough to have watched it. Just old enough to have been exposed to it by Bill Cosby. :-)

This morning I was in the kitchen making breakfast. As I'm pulling the milk out of the fridge, my son comes up along side me. Now, picture this. He's eight years old and a bean pole of a kid. He has honey blonde hair cut in a short "Sunday Do"- you know, parted on the side, a more current version of Ralphie from A Christmas Story- and some of it is sticking up in back. When he grins, he still has gaps between his teeth. He walks up beside me and he has his hand over his mouth and he's spittin' and boppin for all he's worth, which it quite a sight because, if you will allow me to say it plainly, the little boy is as white as it gets. I thought to myself,"Hmmm, I wonder where he learned to beat box?"

Nonchalantly I say,"Whatchya doin', honey?"

He replies,"I'm fart rapping."

Okay then.

Yours, hoping for a quiet weekend,


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