Wednesday, July 28, 2010


TODAY IS THE DAY!!!  I’ve been waiting for this day for 10 years.  To be more precise, since the day I had my amnio and found out that both my babies were going to be boys, THIS is the day I’ve been looking forward to.  The day my husband takes my boys camping! 

You think I’m kidding, don’t you?  Seriously, when I learned that my twins were both boys, one of my first thoughts was, “How long before they camp overnight with Cub Scouts?  And how can I make sure Kent goes with them?”

So here it is; they leave today for 3 days and 2 nights of SILENCE in my household!  Unfortunately, due to some extenuating circumstances (you know, life happens) my 3 days won’t exactly be the solitude and blissdom that I envisioned, but I’ll still get in some quiet time and maybe even a massage.  What more can I ask for, really?

So here’s to peace and quiet, and a little bit of missing my boys, all of them!


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  1. Congratulations!!!!!!! So happy for you. Here's to missing them a very little bit. Enjoy your you time!