Monday, July 5, 2010

Babysitter Dilemma: The Kids Like Her Too???

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We are thrilled that RadicalParenting.Com is featuring this article from us on their website today.  This is an awesome site, so please take a few minutes to visit them, browse around a bit and read Melissa’s article!

You know what you want in a sitter: on time, dependable, reasonable
rates, can take care of the kids without calling you fifty times. But
what about the kids? What do they want?

Right away, you’re thinking, ”They want someone who will let them
get away with everything!” True, most kids would love that. But
allowing the kids to have anything they want can be a high price to
pay just for a night out. Or worse yet, what if this is the sitter you use
on a daily or weekly basis?

So how do you find the middle ground?

For the rest of this article, CLICK HERE!

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