Wednesday, July 14, 2010


My best friend from high school, Brenda, is in town this week.  Unfortunately, she’s here because her step-mother, who I am also verykaren and brenda close to, is critically ill, but nevertheless, it’s still great to see her.

We were having lunch in the hospital cafeteria with several other family members when one of us, I can’t even remember who, said one word (“bloodcurdling scream” – okay, 2 words), which sent us both into fits of laughter.  And I thought, “That, right there, is the difference between old and new friends.”  Don’t get me wrong, new friends are wonderful.  They share more of my current life with me than my old friends do actually.  They definitely know me (as I am today) better than the friends from long ago.

But who else can you look at out of the blue and say “pile cake” to and she’ll start laughing and know exactly what you’re talking about?  Only someone who has known you for 35 years!  She may not know everything going on in your marriage today, but she knew every intimate detail about every romance or crush you had in high school.  Seriously, EVERY detail!  And she may not be the first person you call anymore when you have a problem, but how many times did you cry on her shoulder with the latest tragedy that was sure to be the most devastating event of your life?

So even though we may be out of touch for months at a time, Brenda and I will always have a bond that can only be forged as best friends in high school can do.  Our hearts will always be “soul sisters” no matter how much time and distance has passed, and isn’t that the real test of friendship?

Hey Bren, remember Dee Dee and Beaver?

Karen (A.K.A. Kerny)

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