Thursday, July 15, 2010

How. Many. More. Days??!

How Many more days? I've started counting, so we must be somewhere in July. At least it's not June. I believe we officially have about 31 days exactly at this moment (8:52) until the first day of school.

My husband and I were talking through some schedule stuff last night and he said pointedly," Why don't you just meet her for lunch instead of dinner?"

To which I promptly replied,"I don't move as freely as you during the day."

What I wanted to say was," Why of course, Dear. Why didn't I think of that? Because I'm certain that between her two/three children and our two children, all of whom happen to be different ages, we will have focused quality time for rapt discussion in which we not only solve the issue at hand, but eliminate war, hunger and design the perfect shoe."

Not that I'm feeling a little sassy or edgy these days, but I digress . . .

And as for my sitter list, clearly I need to add some more names. I tried no less than eight different sitters yesterday and EVERY ONE is out of town. Such is the month of July. It's not just me, either. My girlfriends are running into the same issues. It must be time to bring in a new crop of sitters.

I'm also trying to develop a list of things my kids can do while I am trying to work. The game cabinet has lost its luster, the Slip and Slide, well, we've gone through three of them in the last two weeks (to be fair, one was broken when we bought it), and the pool requires me actually being there with them.

Looks like it's time to go to Nashville if I want to get anything done!

Yours, loving my children, but looking forward to school starting,


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