Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ode to Miss Kelley

Tomorrow will be a tragic day in the B House. Although we have already said our goodbyes, we know that Miss Kelley, our regular sitter for the last four years, will be moving. Sigh.

She was the type of sitter that Vanessa posted about yesterday. I trusted her with house keys and driving my kids around town. Her mom came by and checked on her regularly. She exchanged Christmas gifts with my kids. She always texted me while I was away at work to let me know when she had picked them up. She's the one who saved my Z2 using the Heimlich maneuver. She even cooked dinner AND CLEANED UP AFTER HERSELF.

Like I said, losing her is a tragedy. I knew this day would come. I've been dreading it for some time now. While I do have other sitters that I like, as Z2 would say,"They're not Miss Kelley. . . . "

So I'm beginning the entire process again- finding a sitter. I'm digging out my sitter interview questions. I'm digging out my rating charts and qualifications. I have three more years before I can leave Z1 home alone.

So here's to you, Miss Kelley. May you do well in college in the fall. And always know, you have a place at the B House should you ever need to get away.

Yours, with a heavy, heavy sigh today,


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