Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One of THOSE Parents. . .

I always had ideas about parenting, growing p. What I would love to do for my kids, and what I would absolutely NEVER say or do. HA! That pretty much goes out the window in those moments of desperation. You would be surprised at the things that crop up and you think,"OUCH! I SWORE I would never say/do that!"

And then there are other things that we want to do/not do as parents. Something that I struggle with is busyness. Sometimes, I feel like my kids are asking me to play/interact with them all day long, and all I say is,"Not now, honey."

The question is, when does now ever get here?

I have to stop myself. It's harder to do this late in the summer, because, frankly, I'm ready to have a little space again. I'm ready for quieter days when constant conversation is not the norm. :-) But if I let myself get too busy for my kid- too busy to TALK, too busy to LISTEN, too busy to CARE, I'm letting them know they are on their own.

I'm not ready for them to be on their own. Independent is good, but if I want them to talk to me when they are in their teens, I have to listen and be available while they are in their tweens and elementary years.

Yes, I may have heard it all before. Yes, it may be the millionth time I've played that game. Yes, laughing over bodily function noises does not make my day. But one day, I may wish for that time back. I may want one more chance to listen and I might not get it.

So I'm taking that time today. The bed may stay unmade. My project may not get completed. We won't starve if I don't get EVERYTHING I need from the grocery. I can afford to read a little less in my book and listen to the story of my kids as it unfolds right in front of my eyes, while they are still willing to share.

Yours, making the most of every last minute of summer break,


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