Wednesday, April 21, 2010


My sisters and I went on our 4th vacation, now simply known as The Sister’s Trip, last week to Mexico. We had a few bumps in the road on this trip, however, starting with our connecting flight in Dallas. (Remind me next year to get a direct flight please!)

Everything is going peachy, our 6:00am flight out of St. Louis is uneventful. We get to Dallas, pick up Sister #3 and get on the plane as scheduled. Suddenly we hear an announcement that the pilot doesn’t like this plane and wants to get another one. What? Is there a bug in the cockpit or did a wing fall off? No idea, but we all pile out. Finally,american airlines they find us a new plane. (Considering we were flying American and their hub in is Dallas, it seemed to take a really long time to find us a new plane, but whatever.) We all get on, then get an announcement that one of the passengers apparently left his passport on the first plane (really, who takes their passport out and puts it in the seat pocket?), so either they need to find it on that plane, or find his luggage and leave him in Dallas. Seems like a no-brainer, but for some reason, they didn’t know exactly where the first plane was. Hmmm. Okay. A maintenance guy finally finds the plane, and therefore the passport, and brings it to the silly man who left it behind. So you’d think we’d leave then, right? No, because they had started serving first class already, so we had to wait for them to finish. Seriously, I am NOT making this up! I just love American Airlines!

So, three hours late, we finally get to Mexico, in a torrential downpour. (So I guess it didn’t really matter if we got there late, right?) That seemed to be the theme for the next 2 days. Luckily, it was off and on. So when it stopped raining, we’d run out to the beach and lay down on lounge chairs (yes, sometimes wrapped up in towels!), just to be near the ocean. When it would start raining again, we’d run for cover. I know, we had our suits on, but the rain was really cold! Nevertheless, we were together, we were away from home, and we were still having a great time!

Saturday morning, the sun was shining beautifully! We ran out there as early as we could (after room service delivered breakfast and we ate a few bites) and didn’t move unless we had to pee or eat! It was amazing! We had all of Sunday morning out there also before we had to leave.

So all in all, we got a little sun time and a lot of sister time, which is really the point of The Sister’s Trip anyway! Here’s a few pictures of our vacation:

IMG_0153_1 IMG_0159_1

IMG_0197_1 Mexico 2010 006

Mexico 2010 013


By the way, every year we have different “sister” shirts on for our trip. This one says “I’m The Sane Sister.”


  1. Where is the picture of you with the naked statue?????? That was the best one!!

  2. SHHH! I didn't think that would be good for the blog!