Thursday, April 29, 2010

Research on Legal Documents

Happy Thursday! I so appreciated Multi-Tasking Mama's comments last week about having the conversation with my parents BEFORE issues arise. I know I'll be happier/more at ease once I do (at least, that is the desired outcome, but who knows?!) but actually beginning the conversation is going to be all about timing. Along with all of this, I'm doing a bit of research on those all important legal documents that you hope your parents will put together or that you will know where they are when the time comes. Things like mortgage deeds, life insurance papers, bank papers, Living Will/DNR, Last Will and Testament. . . . So many things to consider. What surprises me is how much these documents vary from state to state. I had (NAIVELY) assumed that there would be some sort of cohesive, federally mandated form for these things, but alas, not so! So I'm doing my best to be as inclusive and thorough as possible without trying to overwhelm people.

But among the interesting facts I HAVE found out:

In a person's will, in some states, they are required to leave their offspring at least one dollar, or the child can contest the will and go to court for a larger settlement.


if you were married to someone for more than ten years, if they pass before you, you are still entitled to their social security/bereavement benefit.

Who would have guessed THAT?!. Anyone else out there know of any good ones?

Yours, wishing you a Happy Thursday (and don't forget to leave your kids at LEAST a buck in your will!),


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