Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yay For Single Tasking!

Multi-tasking. Everyone does it. We're pushed to do it all the time. Get more done. Be more efficient. Get more done and be efficient all at the same time. As of late, though, I'm finding that multi-tasking is just not working for me. I'm finding ways to single task, and I think I like it.

Today I'm in Nashville, writing songs. In the writing rooms we'll cover all kinds of ground, talk about everything and eventually circle the airport and land the plane. That can take a while. Yesterday, I walked into my appointment and after ten minutes, my co-writer said ,"What do you want to write?" We settled down to task and within three to four hours finished two songs. We were pretty focused on getting the job done. And I have to say, I liked it a lot.

There's something to it. Before I left, I set my mind down to prepping and leaving instructions and keeping things focused on one thing. I left my book (The Caregiver Organizer for MY Child), a few meals, packed and left bright and early. But I'm realizing that as I focus on the task at hand, just one task, I'm getting a lot more done. Which beats multi-tasking and having eight things only 1/3 of the way done all to heck. I'm learning to pay attention and savor things a little more. And I like it.

Yours, stopping to smell the roses,


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