Wednesday, April 28, 2010


My middle sister’s name is Margee, and during every Sister’s Trip, she has a “thing.” Something always happens to her! So Mindy (the oldest) and I have started documenting Margee’s “things” so we can always remind her, over and over again. (Isn’t that what sisters are for?)

I’m going to start with this last trip, because the first trip has the best story of them all!

Trip #4: One of Margee’s dogs dies while we are gone. Seriously. She goes outside to go potty, breaks her leg, and when the vet takes an x-ray, finds bone cancer. She was very old anyway, so the vet recommended putting her down. (Okay, even Mindy and I have our limits – we won’t make fun of her about this one, I promise.)

Trip #3: Margee and I decide we want to try something new, so we go parasailing. After about 60 seconds up there, I’m terrified, but Margee just keeps telling me she doesn’t feel so well. We motion for them to122 bring us down, but Mindy, who is bravely on the boat (HA!) thinks we are telling her we want to go higher, so that’s what she tells the boat operators, who do what she says. (Everyone does what Mindy says!) Finally we get down, get unhooked, and Margee promptly starts hurling over the side of the boat. Only the wind is blowing, so it all comes RIGHT BACK AT US and somehow she misses this (or just doesn’t care). The Mexican guys are trying to clean off the boat, Mindy and I are trying to avoid it all, and Margee finally puts her head under the railing so the wind just blows the hurl onto the side of the boat instead of back into it. EWWWWW!!!

Trip #2: Two “things” on this trip actually. First, Margee gets a cold. No big deal, just get some Sudafed right? No, not in Mexico. In Mexico, you can go to a pharmacy on any corner and get Vicodin, Percocet, Viagra, or just about any narcotic, pain killer, antibiotic, or almost anything else you want without a prescription, but YOU CANNOT GET COLD MEDICINE. I still don’t get this! She also fell on some marble steps. (I’m not sure of this, but I think she was going UP, not down!) She hurt her knee so badly, she had trouble with it for about 6 months.

But all of this just leads up to…

Trip #1: This is still the best one! We went to “Swim With the Dolphins” which was an awesome experience. The last thing the trainers have the dolphins do with us is put us in the water and have 2 dolphins bring us back by having them put their snouts on our feet and having us arch our backs and stretch our arms out to the side. The dolphins are so fast, we are actually raised out of the water. It’s amazing! When it’s Margee’s turn, everything is great. She’s flying out of the water as the dolphins are pushing her. Then I notice that her swim suit bottoms are dolphins not exactly where they are supposed to be anymore! I can tell that she knows this, but she’s going so fast, there’s not much she can do about it. Luckily, nobody else in our group seems to notice. So of course, being the good sister that I am, after she gets back (see, at least I waited until she got back!) I screamed to out to everyone, “OHMYGOD! YOU LOST YOUR SUIT BOTTOMS!!!!!!” So you’re thinking, okay, no big deal, so she’s embarrassed, but nobody else saw. Aren’t you forgetting something? THE VIDEO????? YES, each group gets the opportunity to purchase a video of EVERYONE in their group! Margee watched You Tube for months waiting for it to turn up! As for our video, we bought one for the three of us, but Margee took it to a company to have it “fixed” first so we (or our husbands) couldn’t “see” any unmentionables! (Oh, here’s something funny, though. On her way to this place to get the video done, she got a speeding ticket!)

So these are Margee’s “things.” You could feel sorry for her. Or, like Mindy and I, you could just make fun of her for the rest of her life! Don’t you just love sisters?


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