Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Minute: GUILT, GUILT, GUILT

So why does GUILT work so well on moms? Is it that we strive for perfection? Is it because we are so afraid of doing something wrong in raising our children and they’ll turn out to be serial killers? Or is it just because we’re afraid of becoming OUR OWN MOTHERS, whom we obviously blame for all of our neurosis?

My DH wants to take the boys to a military event this weekend. MY birthday weekend. Okay, so secretly I’m thinking that this is THE BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER!!! Until he finds out the event is about 6 1/2 hours away, instead of the 4 1/2 hours he thought. Now, he’s trying to guilt me into going with them. Not only do I have ABSOLUTELY NO desire to go, I really don’t want to spend my birthday in a car for 6 1/2 hours or more.

He talked to one of the “wives” who will be there, and she told him all about the things that the wives do together, and how the meals are catered, and how much fun she has, even though she thought it would be boring and stupid. So I pointed out that if I went with him, I’d wouldn’t even be with him and the boys, I’d be spending my time with a bunch of ladies I don’t even know. So why go?bd07263_

This is where the truth comes out: He doesn’t want to drive all that way alone, with the boys, on their first road trip ever. AAAAHHHH! Yes, I see it now. He wants me to take care of the children during the ride and keep them quiet busy for the hours we’ll be in the car.

And here is the worst part: I’ll probably do it. Why? Because he used the best weapon ever invented against moms: GUILT. If I don’t go, he’s not going to go either. He’ll take them someplace closer some day. (Yeah, right!)

So think about me this weekend, sitting in a car, on my birthday, going to an event I don’t want to be at, staying in a yucky hotel, being miserable.

But there is ONE thing you can count on: I’m going to make him feel as guilty as I can. ALL. WEEKEND. LONG!!!


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