Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Fun!

The Tooth Fairy has been a busy fairy lately. He/she has earned a ton of frequent flyer miles coming by our house in the last week or so. So much so, that in the beginning, Z1 had to wait three nights in a row before the Tooth Fairy actually made it to the tooth under his pillow.  I can still see it all clearly. On the second morning he comes trudging into my bedroom, looks at me laying in the bed, drops his head to his chest and says,"I. got. NUTHIN'!" 

The Tooth Fairy felt like a huge schmuck. I mean, two nights in a row? Sheesh! Some Tooth Fairy! Finally on the third night, said Tooth Fairy made the stop and has been wearing out the path to our house and back. See how toothless we are?

Enjoy your weekend. We are hanging at the pool all afternoon as it will be one of the very last nice weekdays before school starts on Tuesday. School. . .  I'm sure that will bring much to blog about. 

Happy Friday!



  1. PLEASE tell me that you have seen "Confessions of a Tooth Fairy." If not, go right now and watch it on!

  2. LOL.....what is the going rate for each tooth these days? Cute smiles!

  3. MB- Haven't seen it yet, but will right away.. . . Peggy- We're going with a $1 per tooth. The dentist told me the Tooth Fairy leaves $5 at his house. (And that would be the difference between a dental fairy and a musical fairy!)

  4. The tooth fairy is constantly "dropping" money all over the place.

    Everywhere but under the pillow when the child is wondering, "Hey, where is that stinkin' fairy!" I mean, they went to the trouble of losing a tooth so What the Heck!?! (As my kids, 1 - 6 would say!)