Friday, August 21, 2009

FRIDAY FUNNY- Waterfalls and Baby Belugas

If you happen to be a regular here at Macaroni and Chicken Fingers, then you may remember my first bathroom story. I'm telling you, the bathroom and I just don't get along! 

Here's the next chapter  . . . 

 It’s 7 AM on Memorial Day Morning. My husband had left at 6:30 for his traditional “First Day of Summer” early round of golf. I am lying in bed, half asleep, half awake.  I hear Z2's tiny fingers (she was about 2 1/2 at the time) start to wiggle my door knob.  Within seconds she becomes frantic to get to me and starts calling out “Mommy! Mommy!”  So I get out of bed, look at the clock, thinking,” Wow!  How did I get to sleep in so late?”  (My children are early risers- usually 6:15).  While getting the door open, I notice that I hear water running.  As soon as the door is open, my daughter is disappearing down the hall calling, “Mommy!  Hurry!  Follow me!” Off she toddles. So I walk down the hall to the bathroom.  Yes, the same bathroom I was locked in about a month ago.

    To my absolute dismay, the water is on full blast, and is overflowing EVERYWHERE!  What in the world happened here?  I promptly turned off the water, and just as promptly sent my two year old  daughter to her room. While cleaning up the mess, I figured it out.  A few months ago, I somehow broke the sink stopper.  So to get the water to drain, I unscrewed the top part of it that seals to the basin.  Not thinking anything of it, I set it on the sink counter.  Apparently, my brilliant two year old decided to screw it back on and plug up the sink.  The unfortunate thing is, that sink has no backflow drain.  As ZoĆ« is quite entranced with water, she decided to have a little play time while mommy was still asleep.  I spent a good hour trying to clean it up- I pulled the carpet and the padding back- it was sopping wet! Here’s the kicker.  The hall bathroom sits above the main level family room. About six weeks ago, my husband repaired a spot in the ceiling about the size of a cantaloupe.  This spot happened when Z1, while taking a bath, decided to recreate the waterfalls he saw in Maui.  Up until yesterday morning, the ceiling was pristine.  All day long we watched the ceiling. . . .  

 IT started out as a small spot, then some dripping, a little bubbling, and a lot more growing.  We are now the dumbfounded owners of a 7’ x 2½ watermark (yes, I did measure it in feet). Kinda looks like (and is the size of) a baby Beluga Whale. 

I am fully contemplating simply bricking in the doorway to that bathroom. I think it might be easier to live with that way.

 Have a wonderful weekend,


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