Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday Debate-Selling Children?

Last Tuesday I posted about Octomom. Yes, I am still wretching over it.  Just when I thought it was safe, we hear about Debbie Rowe and the Jackson children.  

What does it mean when a woman has children, gives their father complete legal custody for a particular sum of money, all the while agreeing to never be in contact with those children again? I'm not her, so I can't speak for what her thought process or experience was. Who knows, she could have gotten shafted in the whole deal- promised one thing and delivered another. 

But then, the father dies and she comes back and gets the SAME DEAL ALL OVER AGAIN. 

What is the deal with money for children these days??????

How is this legal? Isn't it the same thing as selling the kids?

What do you think? Is it just me?



  1. I agree 10,000%!!!! She has stated in prior interviews that she is not their parent, Michael is. WHAT MAKES HER THINK SHE IS ENTITLED TO ANYTHING?!?!?!?! She cast off her kids for money and then she comes back for a double-dip. I feel that if someone tried to sell their kids on e-Bay, the nice folks at e-Bay wouldn't allow it!
    And another thing, everyone keeps saying that Minchael's kids were everything to him---if that is true, then why did he not have a rock-solid, iron-clad will, guardianship and financial plan for them from the moment of their birth? If I were in the station in life where I was wealthy and/or famous, I would be extremely diligent in setting up all of the provisions my children would need in the event of my untimely demise. Too many people want their hand in the bank account of a dearly departed at the expense of the children.
    As being an unplanned-non parent, it sickens me to see the way that kids are treated so often in society. When they become part of a business deal or "arrangement", it flies in the face of what the Bible established the role of family to be.
    I don't expect God to show much mercy to those among us who cast aside his kids.

  2. That will preach in every state in the nation. . . and then some. :-) I totally agree, Tommygirl!