Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday Thoughts- The Whole Miley/Stripper Pole of it All

So unless you've been under a rock lately, or have only boys, you may not have heard anything about Miley Cyrus and the MTV Teen Choice Awards. Seems like Miley is growing up. That in itself is not a bad deal. Who can stop anyone from aging? Being a star with an alter ego comes with its own set of challenges, I suppose. Not only does Miley perform as Miley, but she performs as Hannah Montana.

Clearly, this week she was wanting to perform as Miley. Now, if you haven't heard about the whole ice cream cart with the stripper pole, click on her name and see the article. Had this been another pop star, it probably would not have phased me. But since Miley has a tween fan base, and let's face it, a lot of her fans are ages 5-8 as well, I have to say, I was completely underwhelmed, unimpressed, and wondering WHERE THE HECK WAS HER FATHER?!?!?!?! A lot of people are saying that the way she danced was not provocative and she wasn't gyrating or swinging around the pole. And that it wasn't a stripper pole because, well, it was on top of an ice cream cart. (Oh. . . okay then. That just solves the entire mystery of it for me!)

Give me a break. Clearly, it was not an umbrella. And her first dance move with the pole- clearly a nod to the stripping profession. And, granted, that was as far as it went. But any time the media can make that kind of thing okay because, well, it WAS on top of an ice cream cart, I mean, what's wrong with an ice cream cart, how evil could THAT be, we have problems. Regardless of the fact that she is 16 going on 17, if she were my daughter, I certainly wouldn't want her up there doing that. And then let's throw in the fact that she has a young fan base. I think I would nearly keel over if I saw my six year old do something like that because she happened to see it from hannah Montana. Let's face it. The young ones do not differentiate Hannah Montana from Miley Cyrus. They just know they want to be like her.

Which is why my daughter still does not watch Hannah Montana. Go ahead. Tell me I'm holding her back. Yes. Yes. I am. I refuse to let my six year old be anything but six. And if that means that we don't watch TV, then so be it. I'd much rather have her digging in the dirt, riding her bike, playing with her baby dolls, swinging on the swing, shaping play-doh and making s'mores in the backyard at night. And it that makes me a mean parent, then I'm perfectly okay with that.



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