Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Madness- Unbelievable...

Yes, I know. I missed the Friday Funny. I tried several times, but to be honest, I just wasn't feeling the funny thing Friday. A million things happen through the week that just crack me up, but come Friday it was as if they all disappeared. ARGH. 

Something that HAS stayed with me, though, has been haunting me a bit since Spring Break. Remember how I said the kids went with me to sit in class while I taught? And we had so much fun and I took them to the bookstore and they picked out shirts for themselves and such? Well, Z2 picked out a Ladies' cut tee.    Really cute. In fact, she wanted us to have matching tees. So I bought her a small and me a medium. We didn't bother to try them on, because, well, I wear a medium and just knew that the shirt would be big on her. She's an average 8 year old. Average height, average weight.  I thought all would be well. 

We get in the car and she changes her shirt right away. It fit her perfectly, with the exception of it being too long. While I was thrilled it fit her so well, I was also surprised. Needless to say, the medium sized tee was not fitting me. At all. As in, NOWAY ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH GONNA GET THAT THING ON MY BODY AND SET FOOT OUTSIDE THE HOUSE not fitting. 

Which got me to thinking.... she's eight and she's wearing a ladies' small? So I decided to compare her Webster shirt with one of her size 9 tees from Justice. The Webster shirt is all of one HALF inch wider. And this was prewashing. 

So what the makers of collegiate clothing are saying is that at age 18-23, I should be able to wear a size 9 or size 11 from Justice.

It's absolutely no wonder there are so many eating disorders in Amercia.  How in the world can I raise a beautiful young girl with a healthy self esteem if this is what I'm up against?

Yours, seriously considering getting on the phone to start tracking these people down,


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