Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Funny- Happy Easter!

Today is Good Friday. I went to an incredible service at my church at noon. I'm always amazed at how every year the team retells The Easter Story in a fresh new way. So I will be celebrating His Resurrection this weekend. 

And I'll also be celebrating something else, much less significant, but I'm happy to see Sunday coming all the same. I gave up sugar for Lent. Not that big of a deal, in the scheme of things. It's a tough craving for me, for sure. The idea is that every time you feel the craving, you focus your mind and heart on the true meaning of Easter. Let's just say, I've been pretty focused on Easter these last 47 days. So thinking about this, I give you a visual of what my house will look like about 30 minutes after I wake on Sunday....

Yours, wishing you the happiest of Easters!


PS- Thank you to Margie Wheeler who posted this cartoon this morning. So needed this laugh!

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