Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Whatever

Hello Dear Readers,

No, it's not Karen. She's returning from her Sister's Trip sometime today. This means she will be stepping back into reality at some point. I can't say I'm sad about that. I was beginning to tire of hearing about how wonderful Mexico is and how pampered she felt while I was here at home with a continuing sinus infection and kitchen renovation. No matter. It will be my turn next month when I travel on business with The Hubs. :)

 Among my mothering duties, recently I have  added driving the Monday evening carpool to swim.  I pick up three other girls in addition to my own daughter and we drive for about 25 minutes to get to swim practice. I sit through practice (an hour and 15 PLUS their showering time, add another 20 minutes!) and then it's another 25 minutes back. All told, we spend nearly 2 and a half hours on Monday night for swim. It takes up most of the night. And Monday happens to be a rather long day for me. Seems like it would be quite the imposition, right? I mean, with two jobs and songwriting and everything else, one would think this might be a huge time sucker and frustrating to me.


Do you know how much you can learn about your kids driving the carpool? WHOA. Especially four chatty girls. Let's just say, I'm completely up to date on all the school events, social and academic, as well as anything happening in the neighborhood. I'm LOVIN' it!.  It's almost enough to make me want to be a stay at home mom! I finally understand why some women make that choice. I was a work at home mom during their infant/toddler years. And it was good, but I longed for more adult interaction.. But now that they are more grown and have opinions and DON'T MISS A BEAT, I am seriously considering cutting back some hours to volunteer more at school just to stay plugged in with my kids!

Yours, wondering how I could achieve this and still keep my sanity,


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