Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Separate Birthday Parties?

I suppose I should count myself lucky. For 10 years we’ve been able to combine the boys’ birthday parties into one big one. You know, being twins and all, it just made sense. But this year, our luck ran out. They wanted two different parties this time. One wanted a winter tubing party at our local (fake) snow “mountain” while the other wanted a paint ball party when it gets warmer. And it’s not like we couldn’t invite one to the other’s party, right? So really, they’re each getting 2 parties. Hardly seems fair! (Really, I think they planned this out, but I’m keeping that opinion to myself!)

So here’s what we’re doing this year: we’re letting them each invite 2 friends to each party. Yes, they are both getting 2 parties, but they’re like mini parties! Oh, and goody bags? At 11 years old, I’m DONE with those! Actually, I was done with those last year. I figure I’m spending enough on the parties, they can give ME a goody bag!

Oh, and really? I’m pretty much done with parties, too! I have a feeling that they’re getting ready to outgrow them. I know I have!


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