Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Madness- The Need For Dignity

Oh, lovely Monday. You have not failed to visit me once again. And for that I am grateful. It means I'm up and going and have one more opportunity. One more opportunity to get it right, to love someone well, to enjoy the my children and husband. And if I'm lucky, maybe something more like getting to write a great song or an unexpected visit from a friend. There's usually a moment in each day that catches you by surprise. Today it came while driving home from school.

A friend of mine sent me a CD and I put it in the stereo. It was his latest project called "Dignity". A different sort of name for a CD, except that it came from Music For the Soul, a non-profit that specializes in making projects that address heavy life issues. I'm sure you've heard me talk about it before. to be honest, I had put off listening to it, because, well, I know my parents will sometime in the near future be heading down the road this CD addresses and I'm just not ready to go there quite yet. "Dignity" deals with caregiving for loved ones who have special needs, be it aging or disease or a disability. While our book, The Caregiver Organizer For MY Aging Parent addresses the the day to day practical things, this Cd addresses the emotional side of caring for someone.  And wow- what a range. Through spoken word and song, this project shows everyone's side, from the caregiver to the one for whom the care is provided. It's such a delicate situation- most times the caregiver is caring for someone with whom the relationship used to be reversed. The songs speak directly to what it feels like to age, the unknown of losing someone or losing your own abilities/faculties, and the greatest fear- losing dignity.  I loved the way it addresses each aspect of this life season with grace and compassion on all ends of the spectrum. It brought me to a greater understanding of what I will be walking into, and how I can hopefully handle it with compassion, grace and most of all, dignity.

You can find this new project by clicking here. May we all be so fortunate as to retain our dignity as we ensure it for the ones we love.

Yours, reflecting on the path to come,


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