Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Time WHATament???

Yeah, so Melissa called me out last week. I didn’t blog. Of course, neither did she, so I don’t feel so bad. (Actually, I feel worse because that means nobody blogged here, but we’ll just be moving on now.) At least she had a valid excuse – she had a nasty head cold. Me? Well, I just plain forgot!

I’m having a little problem with Time Management lately. Now that I’m back at work, albeit part-time, I’m finding it a little difficult to work everything in that I’m used to doing. You know, lunches with girlfriends, working out, watching Dr. Phil (Yes, I watch Dr. Phil, my one REAL afternoon vice. And no, I can’t watch it at night because my husband will make fun of me!), working on The Caregiver Organizer, shopping, and all that important stuff! Okay, well SOME of it’s important!

I guess that’s the problem. I’m not really prioritizing the way I should be. And though I KNOW that in my head, I’m just not there yet in my actions. You know what I mean? I think I’m so overwhelmed with my disorganization right now, that any time I try to dig out, I bury myself even deeper. It’s not a good feeling, believe me!

So I’m leaving tomorrow for 3 days of Weight Watchers training away from home. This will be awesome! Three entire days of nothing else to think about but learning how to be the best leader they have! And when I get home, I can look at everything else with a fresh outlook.

Hmmm, maybe I can even start with those taxes!


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