Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Say what you will about American Airlines, but they pulled through for me this time. Here’s my story:

I was going through my emails the other day when I saw one from American Airlines saying that I can go ahead and check in for my flight. Hmmm, that’s strange, I think to myself, since we’re not flying for another month for spring break. So I look more closely at the itinerary and apparently I booked the flight for FEBRUARY 19th instead of MARCH 19th. CRAP! Yes, we would have been in Miami for 5 weeks instead of 1!

So I immediately got on the phone with AA and explained my situation to the rep, who told me no big deal, she can change my flights, but of course there’s a $150 change fee for each ticket. WHAT??? That’s $600 for my little family!!!

Listen (or read in this case) how the rest of our conversation went:

CSR: I’m sorry, that’s our policy.

Me (almost sobbing): Isn’t there anything you can do for me? That’s $600.

CSR: I understand Ma’am, I’m sorry.

Me: Is there somebody else there I can speak to about this?

CSR: So you’d like to speak to my…

Me (slow on the hints): What? I’m just looking for somebody who might be able to work with me on this.

CSR (CLEARLY trying to prompt me): So you’re asking to speak to my…

Me: Um, your boss?

CSR (thinking I’m a complete idiot by now): YES ma’am. Let me get a supervisor for you.

Me (wondering why in the world we had to play that little game): Great, thanks!

So her supervisor comes on the phone and I pleaded and begged and whined and she actually waved the entire amount for me. I was shocked!!!

So while I still think American Airlines nickel and dimes us on baggage fees, meals and anything else they can think of, I am grateful that they did this one thing for me, and I just may fly them again. You know, as a second choice to Southwest!


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