Sunday, October 2, 2011

Love Is....

If you read Friday's post, you know that I prefer to run in the bike lane of the road and not on the sidewalk.  My Saturday runs are my long runs. I had paced myself for my last really long run. On mile #10, a mile where I typically hit a bit of a wall and begin questioning my mental stability, I hear a voice behind me.

"What are you doing?!"

Startled out of my running reverie, I turn around to see my husband on his bike. You see, I always leave my run path written down for him in case I don't come back within a certain time period, he can come look for me. He waited until he knew I would be hitting a wall to come find me. Just to bring me some extra water. And a jacket in case I was cold. And to convince me to get out of the road. 

As it turns out, the very day I posted about running in the road and frustrating a small percentage of drivers, a young teen, training with his cross country team, was running too close to the line, stumbled and fell into oncoming traffic. Tragically, his injuries were fatal. After listening to my husband for 10 minutes- on that run, anyway, because he's been after me about it for about 3 months now- I decided I would get my feet out of the road. 

That's what Love does. It care enough about someone else to go take them water. And an extra shirt. To talk them through a tough spot. And harass them enough to change a habit for the better. And Love acquiesces to the better side of judgement, because she'd like to be around for a whole lot longer. 

Yours, wishing you someone who loves you enough,


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