Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Thanks

Well now, it's Sunday. Which means I'm two days behind in Friday Fun. And if you read Wednesday's post, you know Karen is in denial.  We are completely on the ball, here at Karmel Publishing!  But you know what they say... "Wanna see God laugh? Tell him your plans!" That's been this past week. Remember last week when I wrote about "What Love Is?" Yeah... well, see the picture below for what happens when you run on sidewalks and not in the bike lane. UGH! I'm very thankful I did not face plant. My hands and knees caught it all.

I was slightly encouraged, however, in having Wednesday to myself as Webster cancels classes so that students and faculty may do volunteer work. (It's called Webster Works Worldwide.... the students get involved in some GREAT projects). I was stoked until Zoe came downstairs from the shower to have me check her head. Round TWO! It seems that our elementary school continues to combat head lice. UGH. It wasn't a re infestation- and NO, I'm not one of THOSE people in denial. So, because I was entirely overwhelmed, I did what any adult woman would do and I called my mother and cried. She came right over to help me sanitize the house, God bless her! While I did mega loads of laundry and combed and olive oiled and nix treated my child, she was scouring the kids' rooms because the even the THOUGHT of lice makes me do the willies dance. You know the one. It looks nothing like the happy dance. It more looks like I've got something unwanted crawling on my body and I'm shaking every single part of me in an effort to get it off!

The rest of the week was stacked. I did my long run on Saturday and went into work. Work this morning was a bit of a zoo, but it all came together just in time. Came home and YES! I got the fortunate task of unclogging the garbage disposal all while Lola was digging up the sprinkler spike in the backyard causing her to need a bath. Right after she chewed through both garden hoses. The fun never ends, here at the B house!

But you know what? It's still a wonderful life. It's full. It's crazy. Sometimes I think it might just drive me to drink one day. But given anywhere else in the world, even with all the frustrations, I still have it pretty stinkin' good.  I'll eat three times (or more.... it was a long run!) today. I have nice clothes, a family that loves me, a good job doing things I love, faithful friends... I'm a blessed woman.

And for that, I'm truly thankful.

Yours, counting them one by one,


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  1. I'M in denial? What do you mean, it MIGHT drive you to drink one day? ;)