Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What IS That Stench?

It was just a routine night. I let the dog out one last time. He stood on the patio, staring at something in the yard, then took off after it. I was unfazed. He’d done this thousands of times before and never caught a thing. Only this time, he came back very quickly and stood at the glass sliding door waiting to be let in, all the while shaking his head like he was trying to get something off of it. And what looked like drool was flying everywhere. It looked odd, so I just watched him for a while. And slowly, the smell started to make it’s way around the glass door, into the house. Oh…so…slowly…until it hit me…


Oh, the horror! The stench was overwhelming! The first thing that came to mind was tomato juice, but being a household that doesn’t like tomatoes, I had to start calling around to the skunkneighbors. Of course, that alerted them to the fact that WE were to blame for the horrible smell that was very quickly spreading in the neighborhood!

Anyway, all the internet sites said that tomato juice doesn’t really work. So in addition to several shampoos, we tried the hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dishwashing liquid solution that everyone recommended. Nope. All the “experts” were WRONG!!!

So the next day, I first tried Pepsi. Yeah, not so much. Next I tried a product that was “guaranteed or your money back” from a pet store. Uh huh, I’ll be getting my money back from them! It helped, but didn’t get rid of it all the way. Then I tried the tomato juice. Better. Then more shampoos. Getting there. Finally I just sprayed him with Fabreze. Closer, but I can still smell him. Not bad, but every so often I get a whiff of it.

My sister thinks it’s just on me now, but I took a shower. Really! Who knows, maybe it’s just sticking to stuff in the house now. Either way, this has been one eye-watering, nose-agonizing experience!


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  1. BWAAAAHHAHAHAHA! I'm really not laughing AT you, because I know that's the quickest way to make it happen to me! I'm laughing at the video playing inside my head... your looks of ABSOLUTE HORROR once you realize what's happened, the multi shots of you bathing him, the shot of you Febreezing him, and then finally, you Febreezing yourself. You can't make this stuff up!
    I'm really sorry you have to deal with this. Maybe what your smelling now is the "Phantom Smell"... you remember when your kids were in diapers, and you could SWEAR they just filled it, but you check them and they are as dry as a bone? Yeah, that phantom smell. I hope it goes away, quickly. Obviously, we'll be meeting at MY house for awhile. :)