Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Isn’t it embarrassing when you realize you are one of “those” people? It doesn’t really matter what topic it is, or what the situation is, but suddenly you find yourself the one who would previously have been the target of your own ridicule. Orembarrassed face judgment. Or disgust.

I hate that!

So what to do? Do you become more tolerant of others? Or do you deny that you could EVER be as bad as those other people and keep your head in the clouds?

I like the “head in the clouds” bit! I mean, really, I am never the tacky dresser (white after labor day is acceptable if it’s still warm outside); I would never let my child run into the street without looking (I’m sure he DID look, but you were driving much too fast and he just didn’t have time to see you); I would never forget an appointment and not show up (maybe you should have given me a reminder call like everyone else does).

See, things are NOT MY FAULT!!! I am not one of “THOSE” people!

Whew, glad we got THAT cleared up!



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