Thursday, October 20, 2011


I am (thankfully) still several years away from having a driving child, but when I saw this article in Family Circle, I knew I had to pass along this information. Did you know there are some GREAT apps out there to help you regulate your teen’s driving? Take a look:

  • SPRINT DRIVE FIRST: Locks your teen’s cell phone when her car goes over 10 mph. (I don’t know if it can differentiate between HER car or anyone’s car…I think not, though.) Sends incoming calls directly to Voice Mail and texts get an automated message back. 3 phone numbers and 3 apps are allowed in case of emergencies. $3 per month from Sprint.
  • TEENAGE SPEEDSTER: Sends a message to parents when their child is in any speeding car. Available for just about any smart device. $2
  • PHONEGUARD DRIVE SAFE: Blocks incoming texts and sends an automated message back while car is moving. Sends a Google map link showing location and speed of the vehicle. Allows 911 calls. Free
  • CAR PARENTAL CONTROL: Follows the position and speed of the car with a color coded map showing the route. Only available on iStuff. $2
  • SPEEDBUMP: Gives you updates on your teen’s driving skills and patterns. For Android phones only. $10
  • DRIVESAFE.LY: Text messages are read aloud without the driving even touching the phone. An autoresponder option is included and can be customized. Free

Aren’t these great? I imagine that by the time my boys are able to drive there will be even better apps out, but I love these! Happy hovering!


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