Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Madness!

It's 12:45 AM on Monday morning. Yes, A.M. I can't sleep. I can't figure it out. You would think I would be totally sacked out by now. But I'm just hungry.  I ran my marathon today. It was an amazing experience. I started in corral 15 with hundreds of other people. 21,000+ people ran today. At mile eight, the path splits and you realize just how crazy you are when 80% of the people stay on the other path and you take the one with virtually nobody on it. The Hubs, Z1, Z2 and my parents showed up at mile 12. That was so unexpected! And again at mile 15.  By then I had shaved 25 minutes off my half marathon time from last year. I was going to need that extra time because my hardest miles were up ahead. Seriously, by mile 16, pushing through Carondelet Park, I was ready to beat the heck out of the path planners. I had been going uphill for at least 14 of those miles. And the park was one big uphill. Finally I reached the turnaround point. At mile 18, my dad- who just turned 70 last week- ran half of that mile with me. The Hubs ran me from miles 19-22. That was crucial. Six to 7 miles out is still a very long way to go. Once I got to 4 miles out, it felt achievable. And then when I thought I was coming up on mile 23 and the sign ready 24, I could have danced!  By the time I finished I was having an out of body experience.  Once they got me home, I was in bed and my mother brought a huge meal over for me.... pot roast, potatoes, chocolate cake. YUUUUUM! (Confession: she had left the cake here earlier and when I came home, I took a fork and dug right into the cake pan. I NEVER do that. But then again, I had never run a marathon, either). I've tried to sleep, and I've already had another beef sandwich at 11:30, but to be honest, that chocolate cake is sounding pretty darn good right now.

Yours, cutting myself a healthy slice, Yes, at 1 in the morning!


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