Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Fun- Just a Little Something I Would Like To Get Off My Chest...

As I mentioned on Monday, I'm running a marathon in October. I've been training since June. That's a lot of running if you're figuring 4 runs a week. I run early in the morning so that I can run on the road (the shoulder or the bike lane). As I've explained before, the asphalt is much easier on your knees and hips than cement. I do take the sidewalk if the traffic gets heavy. I'm not dangerous about it. And most everyone I see in the morning is absolutely wonderful.  Most people will go out of their way to give me room, or cheer me as they pass or give a friendly wave. It's really nice! But some people believe it is their job  DUTY to tell me where I may and may not run. Since they have the pleasure of getting to yell at me and lecture me and make numerous amounts of gestures at me without ever waiting around for my reply, I'm taking liberty to tell them now (because, you know, I'm SURE they subscribe to my blog and all).  

 Dear Mom with Your Middle School Boy Scout- please teach your Scout not to yell out the window at me. It's very unScoutlike. And contrary to what you both thought, just because I have ear buds in, doesn't mean my iPod is actually ON or that I have it up too loud. Yes, I heard him when he called me stupid runner. Maybe he needs to review that whole "polite and character" thing in the Scout Promise. Yeah, my boy's in scouting too....

 Dear Cigarette Smoker- It's just not nice to toss your butts out the window. Especially if you happen to be passing me or I you. You may not like that I'm running in the road, but at 6 AM, and the fact that there's 5 lanes and no traffic, I'm sure you could find another place to throw your butts than at me. Thanks!

 Dear Cranky Critiquer- You shouldn't be out driving before having coffee. Coffee makes you nicer. Promise. 

And my absolute favorite:

Dear Musclebound Guy Driving the Ridiculously Unnecessary for West County Red Hummer- My mother taught me to play nice and share. I know that can be hard, having such a huge, pristine, not one speck of dirt on it SUV, but let's make a deal. You don't try to intimidate me with your size and yelling at me about where I need to be running, and I won't tell you to get a Smart Car. 

Yours, gearing up for my Saturday Run,


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