Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Funny...Welcome To My Oxymoron

What happens when you take a 50 pound fur ball, a squeaky toy that she simply adores, and add in three days time?

This sentence: "Mooooooommm! Lola's pooping the pink piggy!"

Go ahead. Say it five times fast. It's just funny. Lola is still chewing, chewing, chewing. She chomped that pink pig until she completely annihilated it. I thought I had picked up all the pieces. Apparently, I did not. Dare I say it, though, I believe she may be potty trained completely! YAY for Lola!

So on to my oxymoron... or paradox. I'm not sure what to name it... maybe it's simply ironic. But it made me laugh. You all know one of my jobs is working for a church. And theologically, this church is pretty conservative. And that's okay. I'm a believer, and there are things upon which the church and I will agree and disagree. We agree to disagree. That being said, one of my jobs for them as the head of their arts school is to develop new classes. I've been working on a photography course about which I am very excited. i was putting all of the finishing touches on the information, building fliers and sending out registrations. Someone asked me if the teacher had a site where they could view their work. So I googled the teacher's name + photography.

Among one of the very first hits, came a site with a photographer of the same name.

Guess what HIS specialization is?

Seriously... it couldn't get any better for my conservatively minded church. Especially as some of it's members are particularly vocal about how modern we are becoming.

Yep, you guessed it.

The other guy's (NOT the photographer with which we are contracting to teach the class) specialization?

Boudoir Photography.

Yours, anticipating some fun phone calls come Monday!


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