Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Madness- I Have No Words For This...

I have a very dear friend named Jenny. She's one of my best friends from high school. We met on the first day of freshman year and have been friends ever since. Jenny is one of those naturally good people- not perfect, but pretty close. She's not had the easiest life, but has always kept hope through everything. This latest round, though, leaves us all speechless. Frankly, I'm devastated for her and her husband, Mike. Here's the concise version of their story, as her sister has written it:

Mike and Jenny wanted a child more than anything. Jenny had cancer two times in her twenties, and although she’s been cancer-free for many years, she was left unable to conceive.
     Mike and Jenny decided it was time to adopt.  They found an adoption agency, and started the process.  They were hand-chosen by a birth mother, and they decided to continue the process.  Mike and Jenny passed all the requirements to adopt, and baby Jonah was born in April in another state—as healthy and perfect as can be.  Mike and Jenny were there for the whole thing and they were able to complete the adoption process and come home to Missouri.
     The Agency had to contact the birth father and give him the right to contest the adoption.  He took his right, and proved paternity with a test. 
The birth father is in prison, in another state and was able to be given free legal support.         
     He Skyped his way into his trial from his orange jumpsuit in prison.  The birth father is in prison for kidnapping, and beating the birth mother while pregnant, and other things, including drugs and non-support of other children.  The jurors were not informed he was in prison, or that it was an adoption situation.   With the small amount of facts they had, they decided that the birth father was “FIT”. 
     Mike and Jenny may lose the baby to a dangerous man.  Baby Jonah has never had any other parents except Mike and Jenny.  Mike and Jenny have put every penny they have into the adoption, including selling a car, and other items.  They are past their budget for this.  Now, they need to hire attorneys to fight to keep baby Jonah in their safe, loving care and away from a violent, drug-using convict. Not only do they have to foot the bill for their own legal fees, but they are told they could possibly have to cover the birth father’s legal expenses as well. 

UNBELIEVABLE, isn't it? What's up in the state of Louisiana? I mean, if I was on a jury, and I saw a man being skyped in to the courtroom wearing an orange jumpsuit, wouldn't I have some questions about WHY he looked like he was in prison uniform? Especially if it was MY TAXES paying for this man's trial? Every time I read the above paragraph, I almost vomit. Literally. Baby Jonah is beautiful and happy and thriving and to think that he might have to go back to a less than ideal environment is incomprehensible. 

Her sister has set up a Paypal Donations Account called "Save Baby Andrews" at    NO pressure, but if you feel moved to do something and are able, I know they would really appreciate it. I know what I'll be getting them for Christmas this year...

Yours, praying for Baby Jonah,


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