Wednesday, September 21, 2011


When Customer Service Representatives in technical positions over the phone get their training, the first lesson they should learn is to treat the caller like an idiot. Respectfully. No, really! Hear me out. They should (respectfully) ask if the computer/TV/phone/whatever is plugged in/turned on/ evo

Okay, my problem with my cell phone wasn’t quite so simple, but still, I went through FIVE (count them…FIVE) techs over a course of THREE days before one of them asked a very simple question that solved my problem in an instant: Is your software set up?

All I was trying to do was download software so I could sync my Outlook contacts and calendar with my phone. I downloaded it fine, my phone found it fine, but it wouldn’t sync. Every tech I talked to had a different suggestion. All the way to RESETTING MY PHONE TO FACTORY DEFAULTS. Have you ever done that? Do you know what a pain that is to reset everything to how you want it??????? HUGE pain!

THEN, the 4th tech I talked to said they were coming out with a new release of the software the very next day to fix all these problems that people were having. REALLY? Couldn’t the other people I talked to have told me that BEFORE I RESET MY PHONE?

call centerBut alas, even that didn’t fix it. So when I called back, the nice man I talked to asked what I was looking at on my computer screen. When I told him, he gently told me I hadn’t set the program up yet, which would explain why it wasn’t syncing yet.

PEOPLE…DO NOT ASSUME I KNOW AS MUCH AS YOU!!! Do not assume I even know enough to set up my software. Not one of you told me I had to do that, even after walking me through installation. TREAT ME LIKE THE IDIOT THAT I AM!!! (Just be gentle and respectful about it please!)

Yes, it works great now! Yes, if I could have reached through the telephone and given that 5th tech a big sloppy kiss, I would have! And yes, if I could fly to where ever that call center is and kick the butts of the other 4 reps, I would!


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