Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Madness- I've Been Holding It In

In a moment of challenge by species of the Y Chromosome Factor, I decided that yes, I could, especially as a woman, run a marathon. Oh- you know the moment. It's when a couple of the Y Species are talking amongst themselves and you happen to join the conversation because, well, you're standing there, and being married to one of the Y Species, you add to the conversation and get The Look. The Sigh follows along with a Roll Of The Eyes to the other Y Species involved in the conversation and then comes The Patronizing Reply. 

You know- the reply that is lined with the "That's really sweet that you want to play along but you really don't know what you're talking about and there's no way you could ever begin to complete that challenge."

Consider the gauntlet thrown.

Heck, forget the gauntlet. I'm talking hockey mitts and pulling jerseys over the head. If there's one thing that gets under my skin it's when a Y Species implies I can't because my extra body parts are located somewhere other than my nether region~ as if THAT should make me less than anything. 

So come October 23rd, barring any unforeseen injury, I will be completing the inaugural St. Louis Rock-n-Roll Marathon. It's making the Y Species to which I married take a whole new look at me (which I admit, is kinda nice). 

And I don't have to win it, I just have to finish.

I'm a month out and my next long run is 21-22 miles. I'm praying it all comes together. Because I just couldn't take it if the Y Species could smirk at me forever. 

Yours, loving the 5:30 AM wake up run,


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