Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Madness- Complete with the Weather

Good Morning from The Lou, Home of the St. Louis Cardinals, The Arch and The Meteorologist Hypists!

I got up this morning for my workout. I've been doing the treadmill and watching the news in the morning. For an ENTIRE hour, the only thing they could talk about was the impending Snowpocalypse.

Got your milk? Bread? Bananas?

Never mind that Egypt is in nearly full revolt.

Or that Congress is pushing through new legislation that will affect us all for the next 20+ years.

Who cares about the news stories concerning green energy, Nelson Mandela, or my weekend favorite from Friday, the Cash and Carry Designer Sale?!?!?!

Because Ladies and Gentlemen, we are getting snow. It may be as bad as 2006, or heaven help us, the Great Blizzard of 1982. (That one, actually, I remember, because we lived in a rural spot in the woods and we were snowed in for 10 days. It was a long 10 days).

Yet as I look out the window, it is beginning to rain and I wonder how I will be getting back home today. Oy. Does this mean I've bought in? Do I need to pick up a generator on my way home?

Yours, hoping the rain does not wash away all the freshly laid salt and iodine,


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