Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year! Made any resolutions? Broken any yet? It never takes me long. This year I decided to make resolutions that were a little more attainable. Here are the resolutions I will NOT be making, and the ones I am considering....

1. NOT: I will get supermodel skinny by swimsuit season in May.
BUT: Hmmmm.... maybe I'll work on ten pounds and sign up for another half marathon.

2. NOT: I will get comPLETEly organized to the enth degree, become a clone of the Clean Sweep organizer, Peter.
BUT: It's time, Melissa, to tackle that closet again. We made progress last year (yes, I can still walk in it relatively well!) and we will make even more progress this year.
3. NOT: I will speak fluent French by December.
BUT: I will actually look into buying Rosetta Stone instead of translating everything on Google Translator.

4.NOT: I will not be sarcastic, ever.
BUT: Hey! Why try to fix what's not broken?!?!?!

What I love about this time of year is that we all get a do over. And sometimes, we really do succeed. I actually am trying to make more attainable goals for myself. I find whenever I give myself a mandate, I simply rebel. That's quite the war within. (The voices inside my head get really, really loud. Not. Pretty.) My number one goal this year: to live my life a little more prepared.

Yes, this does require thinking ahead. It will require actually CHECKING my childrens' backpacks on Friday instead of Monday morning when they are supposed to be getting in the car. It will require actually looking at and acting upon those lists I chronically make for myself. But I'm truly tired of rushing, living life to the absolute, last minute deadline and finding it hard to enjoy myself because I'm thinking of all the things I have to get done before I can go to bed that I've been putting off because I always think I have so much more time than I do.

It's time, dear readers, it's time.

BTW- don't forget to update those organizer books. Now's the best time to do it!

Here's to 2011. May we live each moment enjoying as much of life as we can. May we all experience health, happiness, peace and contentment. And may we all reach at least ONE of our New Year's resolutions!

Yours, getting to work on taking down my decorations now,


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