Wednesday, January 12, 2011


A snow day yesterday? Really? We had what, MAYBE 3 inches? And I’m being generous here! It’s not that I don’t enjoy snow days, because on some level I do. The kids have a great time and we all relax and have fun. I just don’t understand the logic behind calling off school for 2-3 inches of snow. Which was cleared off the streets by the time the busses needed to take off and start picking up the kids. On paved roads. In suburban neighborhoods.

Here are some pictures I got off of one of the local news station’s website:snow day2

snow day3

snow day1

See, it wasn’t a huge storm with tons of accumulation. I could see some grass sticking up through the snow! Even my little street was clear! So Mr. Superintendent of my school district, what were you thinking when you were driving around at 5:00 yesterday morning wondering if you should close school or not? If we were in Minnesota, you would have been laughing at this winter weather! Maybe your car slipped once or twice, I don’t know. But next time, please don’t be such a weenie!



  1. So funny. We had a snow day here where I work but we have so many back roads so they had to cancel. We have a snow day tomorrow as well. I am so tired of this crappy snow.

    Angie - My Life My Ways

  2. Bet you wish you were back in Houston about now, Angie!