Friday, January 28, 2011


Hi! Karen here! Melissa’s sister is very ill, so I thought I’dcamping surprise my favorite business partner and blog for her today. As some of you know, I am my sons’ Cub Scout Den Leader. But when I took on this role, I made sure my husband knew that I would do it all EXCEPT CAMP OUT. I plan all the activities, I show up at all the meetings, heck, I’m even the pack Treasurer. But I DON”T CAMP!!!

Don’t get me wrong, when I was younger I loved camping. I was a girl scout and I went camping with friends. But now that I’m an adult, my idea of roughing it is staying in a Motel 6 instead of a five star resort.

After years of wondering why I had changed (is it the bugs? the temperature? am I just too spoiled?), my sister sent me a video which explains it all. Here it is for everyone to enjoy:

Get it now???


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