Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Funny- Retrain!

He came up the stairs yelling,"Really, Z2, you need to be a little more mature about these things!"

He walked into my room, rolled his eyes and said,"Mom, she's being SO dramatic. This has been going on for days!"

Really? Just days? As I suppress my giggles, I hear Z2 stomping up the stairs. "But Mom! I go around picking up his stuff all the time (Really?! First I knew of that...) and I don't even get ONE thank you! Not one!"

"Z2," I said, "Welcome to being a mom."

She looked at me, rolled HER eyes and went into her bedroom.

Fifteen minutes later, she comes out and in an exasperated tone, state,"Mom, I don't get it. Girls go around picking things up after boys all the time. We pick up their stuff, we make meals and they don't do anything!"

"I know," I replied. But not wanting to get into further discussion at the moment, I said," Sometimes, honey, boys are boys and girls are girls."

She looked at me in all her 7 year-old wisdom and said,"Yeah, well, I think there needs to be some retraining going on."

Yours, hoping to get on the retraining train,


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