Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Truth be told, I was going to take the easy way out today andweather report blog a Wordless Wednesday, showing you all the beautiful sights covered in snow (even though most of you can look out of your own windows and see them for your yourselves). But NOOOOO, here in St. Louis, instead of the predicted 10-20 inches, we get about 1-2 inches. Seriously! Yes, we did get the ice first, they got that right, but WAAAAAAY off on the snow accumulation.

How does that happen?

With all that sophisticated technology at their fingertips, how can our meteorologists get it SO WRONG, SO OFTEN???

Here’s my theory:  Mother Nature can be unpredictable (obviously). She likes to do her own thing. And being a woman, I’m sure that she changes her mind just to piss people off sometimes. She’s thinking, “Haha, they think I’m sending the storm due North, so I’m gonna just tweak it a bit and change its direction to the East a little tiny bit. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!” (That was her evil laugh, because to her, a tiny bit is super bowlhundreds of miles off course.)

She’s a terrible mother!

Oh, and this week, she’s especially evil. Just because SHE doesn’t like football, she’s making it horrendous for everyone involved in the Super Bowl by giving Dallas cold weather and ice right before the big day. Really, Mother Nature? Just deal with the fact that football is here to stay. Give them some heat to melt your stupid ice!


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