Friday, February 4, 2011


If you've ever had a boy scout or been involved in Boy Scouts, you know that Pinewood Derby is a big deal. I mean, bigger than big. When I went to Home Depot to pick up supplies, the gentleman helping me find the appropriate item waxed nostalgic."Oh wow! Pinewood Derby! I LOVE the Derby." He went on to explain that he had been a Pack Leader for 5 years and that was always the highlight of the year. He began telling me about his cars. I thought for a moment I saw a tear in his eyes. For real.

Everywhere I went, it I even uttered the words "Pinewood Derby", grown men would catch their breath and sigh. It was a little unsettling to me, as in the B house, we just kinda went with the flow.

Except this year. Last year, Dad and Z1 worked on a car together. They had a good time, and it was a good experience. They learned about working together and planning ahead and thinking things through and crafting the car with their bare hands.

But not this year.

When Dad said he really wasn't interested in the whole ordeal, I decided it was time to go to the master. This time, Mama wasn't playing. I decided to go to The Yoda of all Pinewood Derby car creations. Yes, I went to Karen's husband, Kent Berg.

Kent graciously guided us through a long process of choosing and designing and painting. He was fabulous. Zach put in his time in painting and sanding and finishing. Zach walked away with not just first place, but Judge's Special Trophy for Best Overall.

I don't think Zach's feet have touched the ground yet. He carries the trophy around the house everyday. But what I loved the most was the thank you note he wrote to Mr. Berg.

So I still contend, (Karen :-), it's still about the boy! Of course, we don't define the ages of the boy, so we can both agree, it's still about the boy.

Yours, grateful for good friends,



  1. Kent enjoyed helping, but he really enjoyed the chocolate chip cookies you brought by!

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